dotfilesMy System ConfigurationThanos Apollo5 days
gnosisGNU Emacs Spaced Repetition SystemThanos Apollo2 weeks
guix Personal Guix ForkThanos Apollo5 days
hunspell-en-med-fullHunspell Medical DictionaryThanos Apollo5 weeks
pcmpl-emergeGNU Emacs completions for emergeThanos Apollo3 months
pcmpl-rcGNU Emacs completions for openrc servicesThanos Apollo3 months
pcmpl-tailscaleGNU Emacs completions for tailscale servicesThanos Apollo3 months
pcomplete-yayEmacs Completions for AUR helpersThanos Apollo3 months
yeetubeGNU Emacs YouTube & yt-dlp wrapperThanos Apollo36 hours
DeDRM toolsDeDRM tools for ebooks3 months
DegourouAutomate the process of getting decrypted ebook from InternetArchive3 months
guile-emacsGNU Emacs in guile scheme2 weeks